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Guided by expertise gained over 22 years of achieving success for clients, 

we share with you best practices in different price ranges to fit all budgets.

Personalized video recording


Ask the question and receive a personalized recorded video with screen sharing to get the best answer for your business. 

Fees; €50 - Up to 10 min video.


Entrepreneurship factory - weekly 


Weekly meetings and networking with like minded people. Are you ready to become entrepreneur and start making a difference? I promise you an experience and a journey beyond your expectations. Fees: €50 online - €100 physical

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Personalized Video-call Consultations


Book a 1-hour video call session for in-depth discussions and personalized guidance at €250, ensuring that you receive tailored solutions to your specific needs. 

On-demand services


Some tasks could be requested on demand to fill a certain gap such as: 

    • Urgent recruitment (10% from annual salary)
    • Powerful presentation for board of directors or investors  (starting €500)
    • Acquiring funding from investors or banks (2% from amount acquired)
    • Real estate search (2.5% from property value in case of sales and  in case of rental 1 month fees). 
    • Team assessment (starting €50  per employee)


Training and development with actionable resources


Invest in your team's growth with our recorded training sessions, priced at €25 each, or opt for a comprehensive 10-session package at €200. Sessions will give you access to exclusive e-books and PDF templates and checklists. 

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Transformative retreat


Join our immersive 2-day retreats for a holistic approach to business transformation, priced at €5,000 per workshop, inclusive of preparation and material.


Business plans


A full range from basic to advanced business plans covering assessment, strategy, full plan, funding proposal. 

Fees: Starting €2,000 per module (profile, strategy, research, financial); starting €15,000 for a full process. 

 Retainer packages

A full range of project management to implement and follow up on your projects and co-manage your business in specific areas such as Sales & marketing, HR, finance, project management and second opinion support: starting € 2,000 per month. 


Partnership & success fees (%) 


Model existing for specific projects on a case by case method.    We will assess and evaluate the project and see if we can add value and take a share of its success based on the exact scope provided. We get paid per performance! 


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