Managing a big event using Odoo

Odoo success story; managing BLIS Experience using Odoo as a platform to manage the event. A documentation of the aps and the challenges solved using this great system to initiate the event, the tasks, the timesheet and other important modules and logistics.

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The power of one single person in times of crisis - from bankruptcy to success

How could one single person make a huge difference in the company's situation. How could an intern become a client and one single employee become a manager and a partner in order to revamp the business, get it restructured, ensure financing, and growing it to a successful and sustainable mode.

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From cash flow crisis to buying the mother company

An outstanding ambitious story of a client who struggled financially and then decided to give it full IN and expand at any cost. An impressive story of resilience, passion, commitment, dedication, team work and dreaming big.

World Wellness Weekend

An outstanding event organized by Sport Performance Institute at Phoenicia Hotel Beirut and gathering different fitness players, sponsors and fans eager to learn more about wellness and a better health. 

Beirut Life Insurance Seminars

The hybrid event will feature a set of presentations, panel discussions, all broadcasted live online. The option to attend physically is also available to those who wish to experience the event up close and personal.

This event, and for the sixth time, is reaffirming itself as a yearly beacon for the insurance industry in general, and the life insurance sector in particular.

The event is a tremendous growth opportunity for insurance professionals from Lebanon, Europe and the MENA region. The delegates will learn new skills and knowledge to grow their businesses & practices further, in a more sustainable pattern, generating more value for their existing clients and stimulating new business and exponential growth.

Empowering a pilot team to develop the sales force

Various testimonials from Lions Agency - Metlife where we worked on integrating a new internal training academy.