Integrating AI with Management Consulting

10th International CMC Conference - 12-13 Oct 2023 - How AI Can Benefit MC & Fuel Business Growth

Business Plateau

Some businesses get stuck in a plateau mode. How can a good consultant help?

Business vs quality of life

What are your priorities?

Money matters

How much money is enough? How would you handle short, medium and long term financial goals?

Don't wait for challenges to finish

Don't wait for challenges to finish. Expand as early as possible

Invest to fight inflation

Inflation is rising, bank interest rates are decreasing and people need to invest to make more income in order to survive.

Who to ask when starting or expanding a business

The lawyer, the auditor, the bank, family and friends?

Who survives any crisis?

Two types of people do; are you one of them?

What happens in your comfort zone?

Check the video and see for yourself

Sales is not for you?

No matter for your profession is, you need to follow these steps

Motivation will not get you there

Motivation will not get you there, it will give you the push tp make that decision. Then you need a strategy...but what will get you there is the discipline, the daily actions, the weekly actions that will create a momentum to build a certain success.

Let's take some pictures for the future

Let's take some pictures for the future!
Usually pictures are made to save the past. Imagine of you can take pictures to shoot the future. Watch the video to know more.  

The power of one single person in times of crisis

How could one single person make a huge difference in the company's situation. How could an intern become a client and one single employee become a manager and a partner in order to revamp the business, get it restructured, ensure financing, and growing it to a successful and sustainable mode.
Enjoy the video! 

From cashflow crisis to buying the mother company

An outstanding ambitious story of a client who struggled financially and then decided to give it full IN and expand at any cost. An impressive story of resilience, passion, commitment, dedication, team work and dreaming big.

50/50 Business valuation

Is it healthy to have a 50/50 valuation for the business partners?

Strategy for big problems or for big opportunities?

Do you need the strategy for big problems or for big opportunities?