Jade W. Dagher

Business & Wealth Strategist

Certified Management Consultant, CMC  ®

On a professional level:

Jade William Dagher is all about constantly expanding on a personal and professional level. He holds a Bachelor of Banking and Finance degree from NDU, Lebanon. His background in banking, feasibility studies, and financial planning for individuals, startups, and medium-sized businesses inspired the birth of Expand in 2002.

As a Certified Management Consultant, CMC © and a member of the CMC-GI- Certified Management Consultants Global Institute, he has operated in several countries in the MENA region and has had the honor of engaging with various nationalities. He is also a member of the marketing and professional development committees at CMC-GI.

With hundreds of clients benefiting from the training workshops he has been conducting since 2006, Jade received a Certificate of Appreciation from The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute-AMIDEAST in recognition of his dedication in 2012.

Jade is a trainer for the Citi Foundation, a member of The Ideaz Prize’s panel, a trainer for the Women Empowerment initiative at BLC bank, a judge in the Grow my Business competition, and a mentor for the Mowgli Foundation and SME toolkit Initiative. He was also a Sales and Risk Management university professor and a volunteer consultant for INJAZ, a member of Junior Achievement Worldwide.

Jade believes that no one is great at birth, but everyone can learn what it takes to expand. Thus, he started the Business NET, a community for members from diverse entrepreneurial backgrounds committed to the development of a positive mental attitude and a productive business approach.

As a fire walker/mentee with Anthony Robbins, he has taken the adventure of improving the standards of entrepreneurship in the region upon himself by bridging the gap between the academic and real world. He has unbounded faith in reducing immigration, fighting unemployment, and enhancing family bonds.

To know more about Jade and the projects he achieved, please download his CV.

On a personal level:

The last 20 years in business were a real roller-coaster. Jade opened and then closed offices...He recruited, developed and lost great team members. He won amazing clients and then some of them shut their businesses down due to the tough market situations. He marketed, delegated, automated ahead of any competition... He opened new markets that went later on into crisis. He also created several products, strategies and learned new technologies. Some days were amazingly unforgettable and some nights were spent crying in the car because he couldn't afford the rent.

Is that all? No...

Jade survived sickness, accidents and even death of very loved ones. He went so down, said hello to the devil and then rised again. He lost friends and gained faith. He was shaped by international mentors and achieved highest rewards and recognition. He built his home, his family and his reputation. He built his network, his experience and his skills.
Did he give up? You bet he didn't. Did he get scared? He surely did. But he used that fear to drive him forward and innovate to get through the tough times. Is he done? He hasn't started yet!

Would you like to know more? Stay tuned to see his book coming soon. But in the meantime, you can have a virtual or a physical coffee with him and share his top lessons that could be an added value to your journey and of course benefit from your story as well to energize his and our team to keep walking, keep expanding and keep making a difference.

The next 20 years are so crucial to optimize his productivity before retirement..if he ever considers retirement. Jade will never let a situation push me down. He will never let a country draw his limits. He will never surrender to luck, negative people or events. Jade always says: God never lets you down; Believe in yourself and in your potential. 


The Certified Management Consultant designation is the preeminent professional designation for management consulting with a variety of sub-specialty areas. It is similar in scope and reliability to Chartered Professional Accountants, Professional Engineers, etc. However, this certificate is not issued by succeeding a course or a test; it must be earned after a complete due-diligence by the CMC-GI board. This includes a review of the entire candidate portfolio consisting of the clients’ case studies, references, documentation, KPIs, and success stories in communication with the clients directly.

In over 54 countries around the world, these national member institutes of CMC-Global; enroll, oversee curriculum delivery, competency assessment and ultimately individual certification to strict common standards. National Institutes are regularly audited by CMC-Global to ensure each Institute upholds and advances the high standards of the designation. This means that a CMC earned in one country can be recognized and trusted should the professional individual work in another jurisdiction.

Each CMC must learn and demonstrate competency across a broad professional body of knowledge, including six functional areas of organizational management: Human Resources, Strategic Planning, Finance, Operations, Information Technology, and Marketing

A CMC must also demonstrate commitment to, experience in, and compliance with the Uniform Code of Professional Conduct

The Certified Management Consultant qualification process rigorously assesses candidates to meet standards in various areas, including knowledge, skills, competence, integrity.

No other qualification encompasses this broad range of skills and experience for management consultants.


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