January 1, 2017 by
Jade W. Dagher

Goodbye last year! Whether good or bad, the past will never come back. It doesn’t matter if you hit your past goals or not, what matters is what will you do about it next year. Below are some interesting goals to inspire you:

  1. Buy a new real estate: whether a small land, office or shop, this is a good investment that will generate possible revenue if you rent it or even simply keep it to appreciate in value over time.
  2. Open a small business: it is always a good idea to invest in something that you like and that has a growing demand in the market.
  3. Save more money: allocate automatic savings to secure a better future.
  4. Buy a car that reflects your identity: it is true that this is a bad financial investment, but it can be a good marketing tool for your business or even a good push for your motivation.
  5. Book an interesting trip: visit a unique country with out of the box program to help you break routine and discover a new culture.
  6. Build passive sources of income: make small investments with trustworthy friends or clients, buy some products and market them, or even create an online business that will help you increase your income.
  7. Renovate your house: after all your house must be as comfortable and practical as possible to help you really enjoy every moment in it.
  8. Get some interesting gadgets that increase your productivity: a nice camera, laptop or even surround system can help you enjoy what you do and sometimes increase your productivity.
  9. Build family moments: best investment ever! Book your calendar once a week to make an interesting outing or event with the family. A great escape from the routine life will help you boost up your energy and create unforgettable moments together.
  10. Fix a relationship: whether with a friend, colleague or family member it always makes you feel better to have a healthy set of relationships with people around you.
  11. Learn something new: register yourself to learn a new language, profession, skills or even hobby. Learning always helps you grow at all levels.
  12. Become a specialist: decide to become a specialist at anything you’d like to be. Whether in music, sports, business or any other topic, it would be good to become a source of reference to people in that regard.
  13. Get rid of a bad habit: whether smoking, drinking, sleeping late, complaining, bad temper or whatever bad habit that is affecting your personal and business life, it is very important to plan a way out and see how it impacts your life positively.
  14. Stop a fear: no matter what scares you the most, it is probably time to deal with your fears; otherwise they will keep holding you from achieving significant growth in your life.
  15. Minimize your expenses: log your expenditures, categorise them and then figure out smart ways to spend less while keeping the same standard of living. After all the more you cut costs the more budget you will have to achieve interesting goals and have financial security.
  16. Balance your life: make sure your wheel of life is in good harmony between all life relationships; God, mental, physical, hobbies, family, friends, work, financial, charity and emotional. Excuses of not having enough time and money are obsolete. There are always creative ways to achieve good balance and abundance in your life. If you still can’t figure out the best way, contact us and we will be glad to support you.
  17. Choose a business expert to guide you EXPAND the right way; a good mentor will help you identify your strength and weaknesses and create a step by step plan to grow in the right direction and uplift your skills and your standard of living.

Have you chosen your goal? Why not contact us and make an interesting change in your life?

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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