April 1, 2017 by
Jade W. Dagher

Personal Development Program is not a workshop or a book; it is an ongoing process of personal evaluation at all levels of your life in order to achieve the maximum potential you can think of, or sometimes even beyond your imagination.

Below are some interesting tips in this regard:

  • Always keep a balance between the ten areas of your life: spiritual, mental, physical, hobbies, family, work, friends, society, financial and emotional. Don’t make time and money excuses for not achieving that balance; you can always find a good balance that satisfies all areas without compromising on the essentials.
  • Have an honest personal SWOT analysis: what are your main strengths that you can build on, the main weaknesses that you need to get rid of, the main opportunities that you can grasp and the main challenges that you can avoid?
  • Deal with bad habits: they are the cancer of productivity. Replace that habit if you can for at least 21 consecutive days or consult with an expert to help you better deal with the root problem behind it.
  • Have SMART goals: specific, measurable, ambitious, realistic with a time frame. These goals will give you the push to wake up positive in the morning.
  • Have a plan to reach those goals. After all, things don’t come by coincidence. You can at least answer the following essential questions: What needs to be done, why, when, where, who will help you do it and how will you achieve that?
  • Who inspires you the most? What can you do to be better than the person you are today?
  • Understand your core values and see how they impact your life decisions: based on those values you choose your career, life partner, house, car, and many other important factors in life.
  • What are the skills that you can learn to keep adapting to this on-going changing life? Languages, computer, technical skills, a new hobby…Anything that can motivate you and differentiate you.
  • The above is just the basic platform for personal development. You have to keep reading and inquiring on how to improve on each area of your life. It is an outstanding pleasure to keep expanding every single year and see the new version of yourself evolving due to your personal efforts. A book can guide you, a coach can help you but only you can implement the details and assess how good you are doing.

What is more important than your personal development?

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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