June 1, 2018 by
Jade W. Dagher

Is your productivity dead? Here's the process for resurrection...

Below is a basic step by step approach to improve productivity in a business:

  • Assess the business from all angles; departments, people sales, financials, workflow, marketing, etc.
  • Draft a plan of action steps to be done as corrective measures to improve the business
  • Get the vision of the owners as clear as possible to all team members
  • Select the key people to become change agents
  • Discuss the strategy to be implemented with each key person and get their feedback on the expected outcomes and obstacles
  • Reshape the action plan
  • Share the strategy with all key people
  • Get everyone’s attention towards crystal clear goals
  • Draw timelines for each action to be done
  • Make sure everyone is accountable for the success of the implementation
  • Draft clear key performance indicators to measure the process
  • Schedule the follow up dates on each major step
  • Make sure regular meetings are implemented to assess the results
  • Keep updating and correcting the strategy until you feel the results are matching the action plan
  • Make sure you reward every department for their contribution and surely be firm with the low performers
  • Follow up, follow up follow up otherwise nothing will happen!
  • Repeat the process infinitely

Jade W. Dagher
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