December 1, 2017 by
Jade W. Dagher

We’re so taken by life, by time, by commitments, by emergencies, by installments, by work loads, by routine…that we often forget to engage with people:

  • How well are we engaging our life and communication with God? Are we only asking…are we being grateful? Are we engaged in prayers and disciplined enough to engage Him in our daily lives?
  • How well are we engaging with our families? Are we communicating, bonding, playing, listening, focusing, empathizing with our beloved ones?
  • How well are we engaged with our spouses? Are we having fun? Are we digging deep into our each other’s inner selves? Are we having interesting conversations and planning mutually for the benefit of the couple?
  • How well are we engaging with the clients? Are we just selling and answering claims? Are we really building long terms relationships that will last forever? Are we looking at a win-win perspective all the time?
  • How well are we engaging with the boss, the colleagues, the suppliers…Aren’t we living with them more than we live with our families? Are we really being genuine and acting with full integrity?
  • How well are we engaged with nature? How often do we walk, swim, hike, meditate, listen to the sound of nature without interruptions?
  • How well are we engaging with ourselves? How often do we eat healthy, read interesting articles, have an open self-conversation about our regrets, failures, dreams, fears, bad habits, and things we aspire to…?

The more we engage with life, the more we understand it with all its pleasures and pains. How bad do we miss engagement in our lives…Aren’t we living in a world that lacks values (mostly ethics) and proper engagement?

What else are you not engaging with? I’d love to have your feedback on my below email and will then share your thoughts on my website.

Time to engage, time to expand!

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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