February 1, 2018 by
Jade W. Dagher

Discipline is in the name of the game

Love is important, creativity is very important, system is wonderful but nothing ensures success except discipline. Teach yourself to be disciplined in the following areas and your results will be amazingly increasing:

  • Never sleep before you plan the next day
  • Always wake up early; enough to finish all tasks within working hours
  • Keep your desk organized
  • Keep your digital files in the right folders
  • Make sure to dress up and be available with your five senses to answer any call/email
  • Make 3-5 approaches every day in order to create new business or finish pending tasks
  • Keep your task list up to date; if a task is dragging it means either it’s not necessary, or you need to delegate it or simply get done with it!
  • Make a good report to analyze your business from every aspect; how many calls, visits, inquiries, proposals, deals, etc. Also how many posts, events, articles, and any other marketing activities that you do…
  • Respect time, every single time!
  • Clean your inbox on a regular basis; schedule that time
  • Backup your files on a regular basis; schedule that time as well…
  • Respond to every important/personalized email; if you don’t want that service, they deserve to hear the “no”
  • Always have an agenda for every meeting
  • Make sure to write minutes for every meeting
  • Inform all the related people with your agenda, schedule and minutes preferably by email to keep a record
  • Follow up every single time to make sure things are being done properly and on time

Motivation can help you start a good day, good deals can uplift your mood every single time but only discipline keeps your momentum floating in the right direction. Business is not magic; it is all about discipline, discipline, discipline!

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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