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Life is too short not be an entrepreneur. Everybody has a dream to have his/her own business but not every person has the courage or skills to get started.

Business will be always tough, changes will always happen, but sooner or later, having your business has a different flavor and satisfaction level.

Even if you have a well paid job, will you retire decently? And how will you get yourself busy at an older age?

Whether as plan B or plan A, it could be the best decision of your life if you join my entrepreneurship factory in the Business & Wellness Lounge in Nicosia or remotely from anywhere in the world.

By joining the Entrepreneurship Factory you will get all the practical skills to start a business:
- The Entrepreneurship mindset
- The success habits
- Structuring a business plan
- Pitching your business to funding sources
- Sales and marketing techniques from prospecting and lead generation to closing and servicing
- Human Resources skills from recruitment to termination
- Technical skills related to legal, location, insurance and technology
- workflow essentials and using an ERP -Enterprise Resource Planner - to optimize the performance
- Analysis of the market, competitors, products and services, SWOT, PESTLE
- Problem solving and decision making
- Accounting and finance: from invoicing to budgeting and reading financial statements

Is that all? No!
- You will learn that on weekly basis with hands on practical approach.
- You will ask specific questions, get answers instantly with zero theories and apply on the spot.
- You will get recorded sessions, tools and templates and access to a network of entrepreneurs in the EMEA region.

Is it costly to join? Not at all: the program will be priced at €100 per month for the physical attendance and €50/month for the online attendance.

You can join anytime and exit anytime; the floor is open for those who wish to learn, apply and fly. I will share my 22 years of experience with you so that you expand fast and start earning extra income asap.

Schedule: every Friday from 5:30pm till 7:30 pm Nicosia time.

Are you ready to become entrepreneur and start making a difference? Click here and I promise you an experience and a journey beyond your expectations.

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