Management Service

We simply co-manage your business and your wealth based on 3 core elements: a written plan, an instant tracking system and a well defined authority matrix. 

You invest and monitor, we plan and co-manage.


laptop computer on glass-top table

Project Management

Manage your projects on time with a traceable system. 

Project initiation, action plan, assignment of tasks and deadlines, follow up, status update, negotiation with stakeholders. 

Business development & sales

Grow your online and offline network of strategic alliances.

Sales strategies, network expansion, training & development, CRM integration, email newsletters, instant reporting, follow up emails. 

Human Resources

From recruitment to termination from one single platform. 

Recruitment strategies, recruitment interviews, testing and selection, regular assessments, coaching upon needs, training & development, compensation & benefits, retention strategies, exit interviews.

Financial management

Analyze and optimize your financial ratios. 

Financial budgeting, financial reporting, financial decision making, cost reduction, sales optimization, cash flow enhancement, funding strategies. 

Our monthly pricing model

Success fees to be agreed upon


  • 4 meetings/week (or 4 days/month) €6,000 - (25k SAR)

  • 4 tasks per week

  • Online support upon needs


  • 8 meetings/week (or 8 days/month) €12,000 - (50k SAR) 

  • 8 tasks per week

  • Online support upon needs


  • 12 meetings/week (or 12 days/month) €16,000 - (75k SAR) 

  • 12 tasks per week

  • Online support upon needs


  • 16 meetings/week (or 16 days/month) €24,000 - (100k SAR)

  • 16 tasks per week

  • Online support upon needs