Tips for Building Wealth

Insights from Experience and Observation
January 31, 2024 by
Tips for Building Wealth
Jade W. Dagher

Wealth surely depends on your income, and how much you can save and invest for the future. Below are tips I learned from various clients and personal observations:

1. Financial wealth is important, but priority should always be health, family and spiritual wellness. 

2. Earning more is good, but without a solid plan, you will end up spending more...

3. There's no product or company that is the best is about diversification, common sense and follow up

4. Liquidity is great for the short term, real estate is good for the long term and business investments are good to keep you busy and create more job opportunities 

5. Don't invest based on trends, trust or sales pitches; study each option carefully and listen to your gut feeling ad well as the due diligence of each opportunity

6. Risk will always be there...take bigger but more calculated risks...there's always a way to minimize risk and keep things under control. 

7. Not all your investments will succeed and that's totally normal. But don't give up sometimes it might pick up when you least expect it...

8. As an investor, try to add value to your investment. Don't just fund it; get involved in ideas, PR, analysis, or any other way to make it succeed. If you are investing in stocks or other financial instruments, that wouldn't really apply...

9. Ask before you invest. Get to see what other people say about such an investment; only ask experts or people who tried it...others will only give opinions that might not really help...