May 1, 2018 by
Jade W. Dagher

It is very common in businesses to find chaos in different areas: high employee turnover, low commitment to rules and regulations, fluctuating sales results, low clients loyalty, fierce competition…

Each topic could be resolved separately but let’s put some general terms to fight against all of the above challenges:

  1. Have very fair but strict internal rules and regulations and make sure they are well understood by all team members.
  2. Let the team adopt the productivity spirit of the company; whether by believing in the vision and mission of the owners, or by having similar values, or by having incentives on extra productivity produced…what matters is to have a productive team willing to fight to make things happen.
  3. Have a very sharp control system to catch any fraud or mistake on the spot. It is better to spot the bad behaviors earlier than to figure out what happened at a later stage.
  4. Let customer service become the highest priority task of all team members. Reward people for outstanding service. After all, clients are paying the salaries in a way or another. In such a tough competitive world, mistakes are not allowed to happen.
  5. Always have something new or different to offer to clients. Reduce their appetite to go shop for an alternative product or service. Give the competitors a hard time to catch up with your activities. Lead the market and let them follow you.
  6. Managing small and medium businesses is becoming more and more challenging these days. Internet is open, competition is easy, rules and regulations change overnight, quality people are becoming rare to find…so you must really do something different to keep expanding. Don’t stop developing your potential, keep searching for new ideas to stay ahead of the market, and always refer to the right professionals who can give you interesting and healthy options to reach your desired targets.

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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