December 30, 2015 by
Jade W. Dagher

2015 has ended. One year has passed and counters will restart in one day.

What happened this year? What didn’t happen? Economic wars, terrorism, accidents, sicknesses, natural disasters, you name it… Yes, many bad things happened to the world and we lost people, health, wealth, and sometimes faith in life. No it’s not a nagging letter to disappoint you, but can you tell me about one year where bad things didn’t happen? Can you tell me about a perfect year where everything was perfect? Isn’t this life after all; a combination of beautiful and ugly, the fight between the good and the evil, the struggle to keep faith while everything seems destroyed? Isn’t the path of faith narrow?

Do you know that while people were nagging about life disasters new babies were born? New flowers grew without your support…New inventions are changing the world. Yes many good things happened. Despite all the challenges, some people prayed, worked, lost weight, enjoyed family time and created a better life for themselves and the people around them. Artists performed, doctors saved lives, and engineers built new towers and shaped new roads. Designers created and developers executed and we have new technologies changing our lives.

Life is like that, “some people make things happen, other people watch things happen and others wonder what happened”. I feel so bad for all those who suffered and feel proud of all who could make a change despite all the challenges.

Just like almost all industries, my field suffered from people who preach things they never experienced. Yes, the entrepreneurship ecosystem is bad in the region. Some players are faking it, others copy paste or just speak whatever techniques, and what hurts is that some are misleading the potential entrepreneurs with cheap and unproven techniques. Yes, many “players” are preaching entrepreneurship while they have never experienced it. It’s ok. It is also happening in medicine, in arts and in the media. Sometimes it feels like someone can read a book or two about ski and then wants to teach you how to do it. I can confidently tell you: there are no quick fixes; personal and business development need full devotion and great discipline to win over the long term.

Life is short my friends, a new beginning is on the door, will you choose to be passive or active? Will you decide to stay where you are or expand and explore new opportunities? Will you join the mass that is living with no idea about the future or stay around the few successful who are making significant changes in their lives and in their surrounding? Life becomes interesting when you align your personal life along with your business practice and give back to your community. This will help you achieve your personal goals and make a better community.

This year I am filtering my contacts and will restrict my time to my family and the interesting people who have a sense of real positivity who would like to join hands to solve problems, expand, and lead a better life!

Looking forward to sharing a coffee and some interesting thoughts with you,

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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