VDL Interview with Ms. Pamela Ibrahim Kosseify
January 15, 2022 by
Jade W. Dagher

Does a decision change the game?
Wishful and hopeful thinking are good but not enough to have good financial results. It takes a decision to make things change instead of waiting for things to happen. Even if we feel some things are out of control, the decision would be on how to respond according to events happening around us. The question is: would you like to be reactive or proactive?  How to plan in times of crisis?
Crisis is very strong and the world changed upside down in no time. There’s always something that could be done to reduce risks and diversify opportunities. There surely isn’t one solution that fits all; each person has a different scenario based on the type of job, country of residence, family status, risk profile, etc.

  • The first step is to define the main risks: losing the job, having increasing costs, competition, high inflation, devaluation, etc. We can always anticipate risks and take corrective measures where applicable. Are you counting on one source of income? Then something needs to be done immediately. Are you counting on one market? Are you utilizing the remote working efficiently?
  • The second step is to define what could be done as a backup plan; prepare yourself for a future job, upgrade your skills, open your own business, expand to new markets, etc.

How to best organize and manage projects, time and financials?

  • First organize, then plan and finally develop. Organize files, documents, financials, calendar, etc…this happens whether on personal, family or business levels.
  • Documents: Do you have certificates, bills, title deeds, car ownership documents, insurance policies, certificate of birth, family status, etc…Scan, digitally file, then backup those documents.
  • Contacts: organize them, categorize them by country, by profession... then make sure they are always synchronized with your phone or your assistant/team.
  • Calendar, expenses, travel, goals…all could be documented, categorized and backed up.
  • Log your expenses, categorize them, spot the high brackets and find ways to reduce your budget while maintaining the same lifestyle

How to set the right priorities? Set proper goals and priorities: set your own vision, make your own path, and create your own plan. It starts by assessing your exact situation, deleting excuses, and then you can take it from there by having smaller goals that lead to the big vision.There’s only one button for success: decision. Then comes planning and of course implementation. If it works, great, if not, then adjust accordingly.Personal plan is simple; ask yourself: what do I want to do, why, when, how, etc. Business plan is more complicated but that’s why you can have experts like us to lead the way.
We need to believe: In God, in our potential and in our mission, then we start the proper planning. How to adapt after COVID?
 COVID changed the whole structure and system. Adapting is a must because since forever there are problems challenging humanity. We might not have the decision, but we can surely adapt. Remember how we moved from Telex to Fax then email, mobile, WhatsApp, social media…Those who resist pay the price and those who become flexible make a significant growth. Remote working enabled people to make 10 times more exposure, although the conversion ratios are different. But at least there’s a new way. We can use Google, YouTube, and other online platforms to find the answers and make sure to use the new tools to communicate with people and make a better business environment. What about people who don’t have enough ideas?Some people have a lack of ideas. However, ideas are not the core of success. A good idea is surely a plus. What is essential is to find a solution to a problem. This is what really counts. Based on your experience and education, what problems can you solve? What matters to the people is to fill the market gaps by providing the product or service in good quality and deliver on time. Innovation and creativity are surely important to grow further but the starting point is to ensure a good timely service.
Few words in summary
The main challenge is to decide whether to keep fighting or to surrender and live in a more simplistic way. It is a choice. It’s not wrong to live without growth plans; what is important is to be personally fulfilled and satisfied. Leadership has completely changed. No more leaders are inspiring us. It is the time to become your own leader. Ask yourself: can I become a leader starting from influencing the family, and then the neighborhood, work environment… then expand further…?
Everybody can make it, it starts by a sharp decision and then everything else follows. Do not surrender to reality; keep finding ways to make more success.Think “investing” not spending; whether time, financials or energy, when you spend, you don’t get any returns but when you invest, you get a return on what you have invested. It is only the investment mind-set that helps us grow and expand to the next levels. 

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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