March 31, 2020 by
Jade W. Dagher

Life has changed! People have changed; they have a different mindset, different priorities and less purchasing power. Business will surely never be back to normal.

This content can’t apply to all businesses but it can surely be helpful to inspire some people and businesses perform better in downtimes that we are unfortunately witnessing.

Please feel free to share the content of this document; the point is to spread the word and support as many businesses as possible.

1. Remote leadership

Whether you are working alone or with a team, it’s time to spot the right people around you. You need people you can trust, whether employees or outsourced experts, the new era requires that you get surrounded with people you trust to help you make the right decisions and produce the best outcome in a different way. Keep in mind, leadership must be proven remotely now. You surely can do it, but you surely need to develop it.

  • People need leaders, more than ever
  • Keep in mind that leaders inspire trust; whether offline or online, it doesn’t really matter. But please stay humble and flexible
  • People need to be inspired, be the role model and lead the change
  • Keep in mind that the secret behind every great leader is his mindset; and the secret behind every great mindset is a fully explored wheel of life.
  • Be fit: mentally, physically and psychologically; financial fitness comes automatically.
  • Stay focused on your goals
  • Re-prioritize your life
  • Be proactive!

2. Change your vision?

  • Expand your vision or minimize it, it doesn’t matter
  • You surely need to adapt your vision.
  • Short term vision with big ambition is recommended
  • Split your big vision into small milestones

3. Continuous added values; Blue ocean strategy

  • Differentiate
  • Innovate
  • Create and capture new demand
  • Think the opposite & Invest in the right assets; people, technology, smart marketing
  • And most importantly; stay close to your clients. Be available, be fast, be reliable! Now is the best time to show outstanding customer service and generate new business and new referrals. Reach out to all clients and be there for them.

4. Create a solid and helpful handbook/library

For each part of the process; you can also document that with videos to make them more user friendly.

  • Write job descriptions
  • Write the process for each part of the workflow
  • Put in hand a checklist or form for each part
  • Attach needed documents or guidelines for reference
  • Ultimately, create an online academy for your team: from recruitment phase up till top management phase.

5. Set up a formal (and informal) communication plans

  • How will you communicate with clients?
  • How will you communicate with the team?
  • Can you use one tool for everyone? 
  • How can you consolidate your communication for future purposes
  1. Of course many tools are available, you need to adapt each tool to every type of people you are communicating with
  2. Make sure you have all your needed documents available online with the right sharing/access rights.
  3. Divert the company phone if no one is available to answer
  4. Make sure to have project management tools and timesheet trackers to calculate the productivity of each person and the profitability of each client. (time-wise)
  5. Make sure to have a safe backup for all your documents online, and offline (agreements, official documents, etc. ). Scan/copy all important files

6. New products and services

  • How can you adapt your product and service to be sold online?
  • How can you scale what you sell through e-commerce?
  • How can you repackage your offering to fit new market segments?
  • Can you benefit from the global market?
  • Can you create new products and services to complement your scope or fill the lost gap?
  • How can your business support during the crisis?

7. New tools to connect with clients

  • Main tools:
  1. Zoom
  2. Webex
  3. GoToMeeting
  4. Skype
  5. Hangouts
  6. Duo
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Viber (community)
  • Link them back to your website and landing pages
  • Have newsletter system to communicate fast
  • Main logistics (if possible)
  1. Good camera
  2. Good sound/ microphone
  3. Better live streaming machine
  4. Internet speed
  5. Isolated room
  6. Voice over IP

8. Tools to reach clients

  • Build strategic alliances
  • Strong online presence, uplifted branding and E-commerce
  • CRM / ERP - we highly recommend Odoo
  • Newsletter
  • Blog/articles
  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Forms & surveys
  • Webinars
  • Online calendar
  • E-signature where applicable
  • Create your own ap to automate your workflow
  • Other important aps/platforms
  1. Office 365
  2. Mindmapping
  3. Camscanner
  4. Camcard
  5. Google forms
  6. Yamli
  8. Asana/Trello
  9. Slack
  10. Income v/s expenses
  11. Buffer
  12. Sparkpost
  13. Canva
  14. Pixlr
  15. Anydesk/teamviewer/ etc.

PS: We have chosen Odoo as our main platform because it integrates most of the mentioned modules’ functionalities. You can check it out at and we would be to help share our experience on how to best use it. 

9. Remote team with different bylaws, timesheets and tools to connect

Remember the 80/20 rule

  • Let every person focus on the top 20% of the tasks that generate the ultimate outcome for the business
  • Make sure your working hours are clear: number of hours or fixed schedule
  • CTRP – Chinese company case study:
  1. Work from home employees experienced a 13% increase in productivity, reported higher levels of work satisfaction, and exhibited 50% lower levels of attrition than their Work from office counterparts.
  2. This equated to an additional $2000 profit per employee and an increase in total factor productivity of 20 to 30%.
  3. Seeing these results, management at CTRIP offered all their employees the option to WFH, which boosted the firm’s productivity by 22%.
  • Be flexible but stay firm;
  • A deadline must never be crossed
  • Business is serious even if working from home
  • Customers must be served more than ever

10. Choose the right experts and get the best advice

  • Lawyer; legal updates to stay well protected in the global market
  • Auditor; to adapt to the new taxation and regulations
  • Consultant; to change/adapt your business model
  • Marketing/digital media; to spread your words and reach new markets
  • ITC; to stay up to date with new technologies
  • Other; any expert supporting you maintain a good energy and stay ahead of competition

11. Financial control and management

  • Make sure your accounting system is online or accessible remotely
  • Make sure your financial reporting is crystal clear
  • Analyze positive and negative trends in your data
  • Create financial ratios to spot errors as fast as possible
  • Project your cash flow and monitor closely to avoid running out of cash
  • Negotiate your payment terms with suppliers
  • Give incentives for early payments and cash payments

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Keep in mind that: Regular times are for regular people; tough times are for super leaders! 

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