July 1, 2015 by
Jade W. Dagher

Entrepreneurs are well respected for their efforts, their hard work and their perseverance. Moreover, budget is not always in hand to create the desired identity, branding and to be able to buy the right assets. You hear a lot of technical terms but you feel they are so hard to be achieved…

Let’s get back to basics and change some key concepts. Do you know that:

  • Your name is your brand?
    • After all many artists, famous people, and great brands hold the name of their owners. Why wouldn’t your name be on the list?
  • Your face is your logo?
    • People might remember a logo but they will surely never forget your face. Visual memory is very common between humans and faces get stamped in their minds when they like someone.
  • Your clothes are part of your identity?
    • “You are what you wear”… You don’t need to be up to date in fashion but you certainly have to reflect the image of your business.
  • Your words are your slogan?
    • People might forget your slogan or your concept description. However, they will always remember you for your famous quotes or repeated words. Choose your words carefully.
  • Your promises are your contracts?
    • Old genuine entrepreneurs were known for their solid promises. They almost never needed contracts. Every promise well kept is an opportunity to unfold.
  • Your friends are your human capital?
    • Finding the right assistance is not always very hard. We all have friends in all areas of expertise. Use their services. Offer them fees proportional to their efforts. Make sure you pay them on time. This will help you create the best team ever. Yet, always respect the relationship boundaries.
  • Your PR is your market?
    • Lots of people complain about having a bad market. In fact, most of your clients will be your family, friends, old connections or even neighbors. Keep a good relationship and a good quality work and they will keep buying from you or referring clients to you.
  • Your actions are your marketing?
    • Marketing is very essential but “actions speak louder than words”. People are watching you…even when you least expect them to be. Stay alert!
  • Your assets are your financials?
    • At the startup phase your initial costs are your existing assets. Your operating costs are your personal expenses. Your break-even is the amount you need to live decently while paying your existing debts. Don’t complicate the numbers but make sure to log every single transaction. After all, business is mostly about numbers.
  • God is your partner and investor?
    • At this phase, banks are not always looking positively at your business. Neither do investors. Your business model is not appealing for scalability, sustainability and other factors they are looking for. But guess what, God would be your best partner when you face ups and downs.
  • Your family is the guarantee?
    • There’s no guarantee in business. The only fact you can be sure of, is that your family is the business guaranteed investment you can ever make…
  • EXPAND is your guide to achieve your goals?
    • Starting and expanding a business is not very easy. For this you need experts who guide you to find the most practical ways to succeed and achieve your targets.

Now that you have a simpler approach to business, what would be your next step to expand your business?

Jade W. Dagher
Business & Wealth Strategist
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